About Project HoPe

We need your help!


Greetings of peace and joy! The Verbum Dei Missionaries need your generous support to our Project HoPe (House of Prayer and Evangelisation).

Project HoPe has been going on since February 2013 after we received approval from His Grace, Archbishop William Goh and his Senate of Priests. This project aims to raise money for a permanent mission house and chapel.

Since 1997, we have been renting houses and being at the mercy of landlords who often excessively increased the rent. Thus, we decided to start Project HoPe so that we can put an end to our nomadic existence and have our own permanent mission house and chapel. In July 2014, a kind benefactor lent us a sum of money to acquire a property at 4 Sommerville Road Singapore 358228. The property cost $2,958,000 (excluding property taxes and renovation cost).  The condition of the loan agreement is that we have to pay off the money in 5 years time with effect from September 2014.

On 14th December 2014, we moved into our permanent house at Sommerville Road. The place is ideal for our ministry. This is because we have a good size chapel for our prayer sessions, counselling rooms, a Marian grotto as well as a residential area for the missionaries.

Despite our many fundraising efforts (from bake sale to fundraising dinners to canteen sales, etc), we still need to raise $380,000 more in order to clear the loan. Therefore, the Verbum Dei Missionaries need your generous support so that we can continue with our mission to bring even more people to encounter Christ through His Word.

Please help us! Any amount that you contribute will be of a great help to our cause. Kindly take note that the contributions do not receive tax benefits.

“It is good to be blessed. It’s better to be a blessing.” (Unknown) 


How can I make a contribution?

Make a direct donation to Project HoPe by downloading the following form, fill it in and send it along with your cheque or make a direct bank transfer.

Help us to pay off our loan for our mission house/chapel!