We are proud to present to you the first Bibleton event in the Catholic church. It will be held on 22-23 Apr 2017 at the Agape Village. It is organised as part of our 20th anniversary celebratory event as well as to support Project Hope.

What is the BIBLETHON? It is a continuous proclamation of the New Testament in 24 hours. We shall start with Chapter 1 of the Gospel of Mathew & end with Chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation. Each reader will read a chapter.

As you know, the Bible is central to the Verbum Dei charism which is praying, preaching and witnessing of the Word of God. It is, therefore, very apt to celebrate our 20 years in Singapore with this event. Apart to support Project Hope, the BIBLETHON aims to encourage all peoples from young to old to read and pray with the Bible.

Registration is open! Sign up your Favourite chapter to read. You will seek monetary sponsorship to support your effort. We will like to encourage that you can seek out at least 20 donors donating $10 each. So each reader targets to raise $200. We have 260 chapters, so we aim to raise $50K with this BIBLETHON effort.

Participate in this meaningful event and spread the word around to your friends & relatives and encourage your young children to read the Bible.

To register, please email your interest to, and will get back to you soon. You are most welcomed to call us at 62740251 too!

Thank you & God Bless you.