About Verbum Dei Singapore

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On 12th September 1997, Verbum Dei Missionaries was founded in Singapore. Sr. Maria Jose M. Egido and Sr. Yolanda de la Fuente (both Spanish) were the first Verbum Dei Missionaries.  They settled in a rented 3 room flat in Clementi Avenue 1. There, they started having small prayer sessions based on the Word of God as well as conducting retreats.

Sr. Maria Jose recalled that after she arrived here, someone told her that she should not have come here because it was too expensive to rent or even buy a house, nearly impossible to get a visa to stay in the country and there were no local vocations. She, however, stayed on with a lot of trust in God. She knew that if it was His will for the community to take roots in Singapore soil, He would be the one opening the way for Verbum Dei Singapore.

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19 years have passed. Now, Verbum Dei Missionaries have a permanent house.  There are presently 8 local vocations. Sr Maria Jose is holding permanent resident visa. The Verbum Dei Family is vibrantly growing. Miracles never cease to happen when we put our trust in God.