Discernment Retreat:
2 May 2016

On 2nd May 2016, we had a vocation discernment retreat, entitled “When Love Beckons”. Below is a sharing by Delia Png, 23 years old:
‘Come on, bring it on Lord!’ This was my first thought when I saw the picture of a tennis player all ready to start an exciting game. It was also the picture I’ve chosen to describe my faith journey with God.
It was the second of May, Labour’s day holiday. I couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend this day than to go for my first discernment retreat organized by Verbum Dei. Initially it was the tagline on the poster ‘Explore the joy of answering ‘YES’ to God’s call’ and the picture of Jesus’s warm hand reaching out which caught my attention. Then the realization that I had no plans, busy bee is finally free for a day, which led me to sign up.
Discernment. Probably heard about many times and a process gone through during several crossroads of one’s life. When I first heard of this word, it was through a close friend of mine. She has beautifully summarized on a piece of paper the different stages of discernment and how the eventual stage would result in having a peaceful heart. How easy the formula looked but how tedious it is to carry out. Sometimes we’d rather cheap thrills than peace. That was then, a younger me.
At this point of my life, I’m grateful to have some quiet moments without any tough decisions to make. Yet, discerning is still equally important. There’s a brewing yearning to do even more for God. Could it just be a restless heart? Or seriously there are more urgent things to be done?! Yet, I’m too comfortable at where I am to break out of my comfort zone.
 Just like how Peter had JUST washed his nets. BUT, Jesus still went ahead and told him to put his net down into the deep water. Best still during broad daylight. For any fisherman, this sounded crazy! If you can’t catch anything during the peak which is during the night, why would you be able to catch anything during the day?!
Peter trusted Jesus. He obeyed! Often times, our God tells us to do things which seems out of the way. And we must obey and trust in him. Just like Peter, the lord is inviting to me to try something new in my life. At this moment, it could be a new job or opening my heart to new people in my life. I wouldn’t know, only time will tell!
Fundamentally, I feel it is the invitation to have an open heart to love and be vulnerable again. To break out of my comfort zone and love his community of people even more deeply. The first step would certainly be, ‘Hit the ball, Delia!’ Go, be brave and be a game changer!
Thank you Sister Sandra and the sisters from Verbum Dei! Discerning your life begins with loving God more and more each day. Being as close to him as possible, only then would you be guided into the path he has truly created for you!
God bless!
Vocation retreat