“The Transforming Power of Love”-Easter Couples Recollection, 2nd April 2016

Sr. Maria Jose and the couples disciples organised this retreat for couples. It was a fruitful retreat for the couples who attended.

Paul Ow, who was there with his wife, Lauren, shared his thoughts on the retreat.

“I didn’t really know what the Easter Recollection/retreat was about but as we (Lauren & I) saw the announcement at 3 separate parishes (OLPS, Holy Family & St Mikes), we felt we wanted to experience it. Honestly when I finally wrote to Sr Sandra on Sat, 26 Mar, I thought all places would be taken up. So it was really good news and yet.. erh  not too exciting news for me when she replied that she has registered us.

But I must say that both of us felt HIS Spirit very strongly during the entire retreat and esp so during the inputs by Sr Maria Jose, bro Aloysius & sister Michelle and the words of the scriptures text, calling out at me…even though I must have heard the texts many, many times before. (Just goes to show how alive Scriptures really is!). Also the reflection on my spouse’s blessings was a great reminder to me to thank the LORD for putting Lauren and I together in the Sacrament of Matrimony and that we should cherish HIS gift of each other for us.

But what I must really add and remind myself over and over again, that HE is truly the one in charge!

When it came to breaking out in groups and sharing, I felt (and I shall not mince words) “aiyo, rightly so the guys should be together but guys being guys, we will end  up saying rather politically correct things or being rather quiet..sigh..”.. But lo and behold, we took the longest among the groups to share (even though we had the most nos among the grps) and when the first bell went, to remind us of the time, we still had another 3 – 4 bros yet to speak and what was even more wonderful was that despite, the subsequent reminders of time, the remaining bros wanted to say their piece as well. (so again how wrong I was… cos when HE is in charge, things happen – also it must be ‘cos we were all sitting in a circle next to the Tabernacle!). The sharing in the group was NOT only NOT politically correct things to say but in fact very personal and heartfelt. Given the fact most of us, guys, were meeting each other for the first time, such personal sharing was a real surprise to me.

Guess I was too quick to judge (again …. sigh)”


Couples Easter Recol