Verbum Dei Disciples’ Commitment 2016

The Verbum Dei lay members, aka Verbum Dei disciples, took their commitment on Holy Saturday, 26th March 2016. Some took it for the first time and others renewed their yearly commitment. The day started with a silent retreat in the morning. We had then a delicious lunch and sharing time as a community. We ended the day with the commitment ceremony.
One of our newest member, Jacqueline Victor gave a sharing on her desire to be a Verbum Dei disciple during the commitment ceremony.
“My first introduction to Verbum Dei was at the end of 2012 when Joan (a Verbum Dei disciple) asked if I wanted to attend a silent retreat. Not sure of what to expect or what prompted me to say yes. I just went with my gut feeling. The last retreat I attended was way back in secondary school. But with that yes it was the start of a new journey.
I really enjoyed my time at the retreat, so much so that I started attending more of the retreats and called myself a serial retreater. 
What drew me to Verbum Dei was the way the Word was broken. It showed me the various perspectives of the gospel and I felt it was personal and it spoke to me. Even attending mass felt different as I found myself being drawn more and more to the Word and what it meant for me. The way I approached prayer life and the way I see my relationship with God changed. 
Another reason for wanting to be a disciple is seeing you, my fellow disciples and hearing some of your stories. It touched me to see the joy in you even though you had various struggles in your lives. I wanted to experience that and have that joy too. I see the way the community bands together for a common goal and contributes so much and I wanted to be part of that. 
Though these few years I have grown and benefited spiritually thanks to this community and I wanted to join in this journey and in any simple way try to give back. There is still so much for me to learn as well as to grow spiritually, and so I ask that you pray for me.”