Project Faith: For the maintaince of our Verbum Dei Mission and Missionaries

In May 2017, we finished with Project HoPe after paying off our loan of $3.5million for our Verbum Dei Mission house/chapel. Thanks to the generous support of our Verbum Dei disciples and friends who have helped us to make the impossible possible. Now, in May 2018, we launched another phrase of fundraising, called Project Faith, which is to raise money for the sustainability of the Verbum Dei Mission of preaching the Word of God.

We launched Project Faith with a fundraising Lunch at the Regent Hotel on 19th May 2018. We are grateful to our friends and their guests for their presence as well as always being so generous to our community. We are deeply thankful to the talented Denise Tan from Gold 90.5 for being our fantastic Emcee. We are deeply appreciative to our Verbum Dei disciples, especially Jacqueline (TGIF), Melissa (Sunday couples) and Joan (Saturday couples), who have made time to help us with this successful event. Here are a video and photographs from our Project Faith Fundraising Lunch!