Project Hope Fundraising Dinner:
‘5 loaves and 2 fish’

Our Fundraising Dinner was held at Marina Mandarin Hotel on 30th January 2016. We targeted to sell 25 tables but ended up with 35 tables sold. Cocktail started at 6.30p.m and guests were treated to free flow of beverages at the lobby. They were entertained by our two talented youths from VD 13+, Sara and Sophia, who performed several songs on their violin and keyboard. The guests spent time browsing through the various silent auction items.

At 7.30p.m, the guests were treated to a dance performance to the song, “If you believe”. Dinner was then served. A talented group, Suasion, sang brilliantly and charmed the crowd with their melodious voices. Just before the open auction, John and Nicole Jegathesan (Verbum Dei Disciples) went on stage to share their stirring story of faith with the Verbum Dei community. Their sharing moved the hearts of many and paved the way for the open auction to begin. The night ended with lucky draw.

We raised $185, 000 for Project Hope. We would like to thank the Project Hope fundraising dinner committee: Yvonne Tan, Diana Koh, Irene Chan, Julia Chan for their tremendous help in making this dinner a reality. We would also like to thank our Verbum Dei disciples and friends who came to lend us their support by helping us on the night itself. Thank you to those people who came as our guests and helped us to make this dinner a success.