Seeds of the Living Word

Children & Youths Faith Formation to strengthen their relationship with God

Every 1st Sun of the month
Verbum Dei Missionaries, Singapore

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Every first Sunday of the month, we offer faith formation centred on the Scripture to children and youths. We guide the children to pray with the Word of God and to journal their prayers as well as to share their faith in the group.

It is essential that children have strong foundation in their Christian faith so that they will grow in their relationship with God and love Him intimately now so that they will become the future generation of the People of God. The seeds of the Living Word have adult facilitators who are energetic and passionate in leading the children to encounter Christ through His Word.


  • To have children & youths to build strong relationship with God

Suitable for:

  • Children & youths between 7 – 15 years old


  • Input centered in the Bible given by adult facilitators
  • Games
  • Silent time to read, pray with the Bible and journal their reflections
  • Sharing of faith in groups led by adult facilitators


Samantha Koh

I remembered as a child, my mum brought me to Verbum Dei. In those times, I met new friends who were children of my mum’s friends. We often came together to participate in children’s activities, for example art and craft whilst our parents prayed in the chapel.

My most memorable experience with the community was my first Mission trip to the Philippines when I was 10 years old. The trip allowed me to join other Singaporean families to reach out to the less unfortunate in Taygaytay city. Through that experience, I realised how blessed we were.

After the trip, we continued to meet up once a month and the group was called Seeds of the Living Word. Our friends came together for one purpose which is to pray and reflect on the Word of God. We also shared our daily living in the past month. This enabled me to become closer to God despite my busy schedule.

I hope by journeying with the community will inspire my friends and me to go out to spread God’s love to others. I want to conclude my sharing that this is indeed a wonderful community as everyone is very open to each other and changes around us.