Verbum Dei Celebrates 25 Years With Mass And Luncheon

On 10 th September 2022, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with a mass at Holy Cross parish. About 200 Verbum Dei disciples, friends, families and benefactors joined us on this happy occasion. Sr. Grace Gonzales from Verbum Dei Philippines and Sr. Elaine Seow from Verbum Dei Taiwan were our special overseas guests. Sr. Grace was based in Singapore for 12 years, and Sr. Elaine was the first local vocation, and thus, we were glad to have them with us. We were also honoured to have Fr. Peter Zhang CDD, who celebrated the mass, and Monsignor John Paul Tan OFM and Fr. John Chua OCD who concelebrated.

Photographer: Stefanus Ian Punan, Run and Gun media

A video documentary was shown at the end of the mass, and it was a beautiful moment for many of us to walk down memory lane. (Click the link to watch it on our youtube channel. The mass ended with a scrumptious buffet lunch at the canteen.

“On behalf of Sr. Maria Jose and Sr. Leticia, I would like to say: Welcome! Today is a celebration. Today is a milestone: 25 years of Verbum Dei in Singapore. Yet it is not a number we celebrate. It is for each day of the past 25 years that we give thanks with great joy for God’s presence in the community. On 12th September 1997, Sr. Maria Jose arrived here and brought the seed of the Verbum Dei charism and mission to the shore of our little island. She planted it. Along the way, various missionaries came by and helped to water the seed and take care of it. Yet, as St. Paul said in 1 Cor 3, it is not important who planted or watered because what is important is that God makes the seed grow. God is the one who has made the Verbum Dei community grow. Therefore, the gift bag that you have includes a potted plant to remind us that growth comes from God, so we can look to the future with the hope that He will continue to do. ~ Opening speech by Sr. Sandra Seow, FMVD

“Thank you for your presence. Thank you for the years of ministry that ministered to this diocese…With your charism, you help us to love and live out the Word of God. And so, it is a crucial and practical presence that is very needed in this modern church. I would like to thank the family who has gathered here, as part of this big Verbum Dei family, that you continue to be able to grow and minister to the local church. The local church really needs your ministry to be there with us and to help us love the Word of God.” ~ Words of appreciation by Monsignor John Paul Tan.