School of the Word via Zoom

Connecting with God through praying with the Word of God

17th, 24th April, 8th, 15th, 29th May 2024
8pm - 9pm

Every Wednesday nights (except for public holidays and days of obligation) from 8pm to 9pm, we will have contemplative Catholic prayer sessions based on Bible Scripture where people are guided to be familiar to the voice of God as He speaks to them through the bible passages. Lectio Divina, which is part of the Catholic tradition, is encouraged during the time of silent prayer.

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Terence Lo

I was first introduced to the School of the Word after graduating from the university. Initially, I felt some resistance to attend SOW on a Wednesday evening as it felt like a task that I had to “fulfil” in my checklist. Things changed slowly when the missionaries and disciples revealed who Jesus is to them (and to me too) through the reflection guidelines week after week. It also helped that the joy-filled conversations with the Verbum Dei family helped me know the charism and the individuals better, and allowed me to be comfortable with this family over time. Somehow, with my newfound relationship with Jesus and the Verbum Dei family, I now look forward to attending SOW, because Jesus calls me each week. Even on days when I feel lazy or emotionally tired, I am always reminded by Jesus with this image- the chapel in the Verbum Dei house- that this is the place that provides a space to have a real, life-giving dialogue with Jesus, from the One who gives the peace that the world cannot give.

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